Anderson’s Electronics

Who We Are

Anderson’s Electronics Inc was founded in 1981 by Robert Anderson. His passion for building & repairing circuit boards led him into testing and repairing Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Systems.

Since all of these systems required batteries, it was the logical next step to expanding the business.

Soon brothers Les and Jim came on board and products and services broadened into large Battery SalesBattery Testing and Battery Re-hydration.

With over 38 years of proven service excellence in the sale, installation and testing of batterieschargers and UPS systems, you can be sure we are providing you with honest, reliable service. A one-stop-battery-shop, we offer back-up power and system reliability for diverse industry sectors such as automotive production, telecommunications, petrochemical, steel production and hydro/power.

We welcome the innovations and challenges that the future holds and look forward to serving your company as we move ahead together.